Have questions about working with me or a freelance writer in general? No worries! Here are the answers to a few FAQ’s that my clients often ask. However, if you have a more specific question, please feel free to contact me, so I can respond to your individual situation – as no two projects are ever exactly alike.


Q: You’re the writer for me – how do we get started?

A: Great! I’m excited to work with you (and your company). Simply click here to send me an email with your project specifics, and I’ll get you a quote for all the services you need within 48 hours or less. Then, we can begin.


Q: Can I request a rush order?

A: We do offer rush orders, depending on the size and scope of the project. Rush orders are generally 20 – 30{d3311372196f63c6da877627c57e4540f24574dcce633e7164b4d2d963b86945} more cost-wise, but sometimes, the world dictates great work in a hurry. If possible, we are happy to accommodate.


Q: How long does it take to complete a project?

A: The timeline of a project generally depends on the project’s overall detail and magnitude. We will always work with you to make sure that your needs on met on time. If you have a strict deadline, it is best to provide this when you email us your project details for a quote. Our general timelines are as follows:

Website copy (10 pages or less): 2 -3 weeks

Website copy (10 – 100 pages): 1 – 3 months

Blog Articles: 2-3 days

About Us / Professional Bio: 3-5 days

Press Releases: 2 – 5 days



Q: Do I really need to hire a freelance writer? Can I write the copy myself?

A: When your car transmission bites the dust, you leave the fixin’ to the professionals, right? It’s no different with web and print copy. While you may be able to put your ideas down on paper, we, as professional copywriters, polish your words to make them “POP” and inspire your prospective clients to take action.

Many businesses simply miss out on the sales because their copy doesn’t resonate with their customers. However, our Copy That Converts™ method is a proven way to boost your conversion rates and engage your readers like never before, targeting their pain points and addressing their needs in the forefront.

Whether you simply don’t have the experience or the time to write your own copy, we are here to help you get your message or brand out to your target audience like never before.



Q: How can you write about my industry or niche if you don’t really understand it?

A: Research is a fundamental part of our copywriting services and is included in every price we quote. We take pride in learning about your business, your customers, your competitors, and your products in order to craft up copy that will resonate with your audience.

If we’re ever unsure about a certain aspect of your business, we’ll simply ask you. This process is all about teamwork, and when you work with Be Write With You, we actively become a part of your team, working with you to turn your vision into a reality.


Q: What is your current rate?

 A: We generally charge by total word count – though we do offer hourly rates for certain projects. However, we do not have a standard rate schedule, as no two projects are ever exactly alike. Our rates are often dependent on varying factors such as research, creativity, correspondence, and collaboration. We can provide you with a free estimate on any project within 48 hours or less.


 Q: What is your billing procedure?

A: Once you’ve signed our proposal and confirmed the project’s details, pricing, and timeline, a 50{d3311372196f63c6da877627c57e4540f24574dcce633e7164b4d2d963b86945} deposit is due upfront with the final payment due upon your acceptance of the final product. From the time the final product is invoiced, you have 15 days to complete the payment without accruing late fees. Late fees are 10{d3311372196f63c6da877627c57e4540f24574dcce633e7164b4d2d963b86945} of balance owed per month.


Q: Are revisions included in your rate?

A: Standard revisions (anywhere from 2-5 depending on the project) are included in every quote. While reviewing our draft, it is common for our words to spark other ideas that may have not come to mind before. This is completely normal, and we are happy to incorporate additional thoughts into any draft. The only exception to “built in revisions” are when clients completely change the fundamental direction of the piece or additional research is required to change the copy.


Q: How soon should I approach you about beginning a project?

A: As soon as you have a clear vision about your content needs, I would encourage you to shoot us an email – if for no other reason than to obtain a spot on our project calendar. I dedicate time on our project calendar to clients every day of the week, so the earlier you get in touch, the easier it is for me to accommodate your project needs and deadlines.

Each week, I allocate time in my project schedule for new clients and will do my best to begin and complete your project in a timeframe that works for both of us.

While earlier is usually better, contacting me regarding a project that has not fully come to fruition or that does not have adequate details available yet often results in wasted time and added cost.


Q: Are your ghostwriting services confidential?

A: Definitely! Rest assured that I never reveal clients that I ghostwrite for without written consent. When I do promote or provide samples of my ghostwriting, the client always receives full authorship recognition.

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